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Truffled Deviled Eggs

I was inspired by a local restaurant in West Little Rock, the Pantry, by their Deviled Eggs and had to try my hand at emulating it for my customers. This has been a total hit with our community as I have made them for parties and trade shows and they are the first food offering that I run out of! Better than the traditional recipes of deviled eggs that our grandparents, moms and aunts made for family gatherings, this recipe is a grown up, elegant version that I would serve at any party with immense pride! The earthy truffle oil along with the mayonnaise (rather than mustard) mixture with a spicy cayenne (or harrissa, habanero pepper) sprinkle gives you a delectable, elegant twist on what used to not seem appetizing to me at family gatherings. This is a must try! Great to have when friends are coming over...and duck hunters love them!!!

Truffled Deviled Eggs


1 dozen eggs

1 C mayo

2 Tbsp black truffle oil

Cayenne Pepper to taste

Hard boil 12 eggs, peel eggs after letting them cool. Half each egg and scoop out the yellow center. In a small bowl, add the yellow center of egg to 1 cup mayo, 2 tbsp black truffle oil. Whip ingredients until smooth. Scoop tbsp of mixture back into the center of each boiled egg half. Top with cayenne pepper (I used a mixture of Harissa and Ancho Chile Pepper).

Chill these before serving and enjoy!





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