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Olive oil always makes it better

Welcome to The Robust Olive, a specialty olive oil store. We offer top of the line, great tasting olive oil at low prices. Browse through our selection today and take a peak at our blog for inspiration on how to incorporate olive oil into your favorite foods.


About Robust

How We Got Here

The Robust Olive came about after I was introduced to these products from a previous store in the Promenade, Saggio. Veronica Foods and Delizia Olive Oil changed my life and my cooking!


I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 7years ago and with no cure or treatment other than changing my diet, I began my mission to find the best and highest quality foods for my body while enjoying good flavors. These oils improved my cooking by just adding them to my normal recipes and I could not imagine not having access to them when Saggio went out of business in January.


And not only for just myself, my friends were devastated about the closing. None of us could fathom our Little Rock community not having these products available after experiencing the amazing flavor, not to mention, the health benefits that are proven to fight cardiovascular disease. 

So, on the off-chance that there are more people like me in our community that care about their health and quality/taste of the foods they purchase; I decided to open my own store.

The name “The Robust Olive” came after researching how Veronica Foods’ Olive Oil is produced with such precision of growing the olives to the perfect time for picking and harvesting. Timing is crucial to the healthiness and proper flavor of the oil. That young “Robust” olive that has a bit of pepperiness and bitterness means the oil has higher levels of polyphenols. Other mills will wait for the olive to mature to overripe in order to produce more oil for profitability but the polyphenol level is diminished greatly by doing that.

Polyphenols are the antioxidant and anti inflammatory agents that fight disease. One of the polyphenols present in high quality olive oil in specific, Oleocanthal, is known in the medical community as the powerhouse antioxidant/aniti inflammatory that works naturally in your body like an NSAID or Cox 2-inhibitor. Oleocanthal shows great promise in improving joint pain and is capable of killing cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. 

Other benefits of consuming high quality olive oil with high levels of polyphenols include:

            Lower LDL “Bad” Cholesterol

            Lower Blood Pressure

            Decrease in Depression Symptoms

            Decrease in risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

            Decrease in risk of Type 2 Diabetes

            Decreased appearance in sun damage to skin

            Decreased risk in the onset of Osteoporosis 

(because olive oil increases the absorption of calcium)

With all that said, high quality olive oil is a “Power” product that can improve the overall state of your health, but best of all, the flavor of these olive oils are extraordinary!

Come visit our store and try the many flavors that we offer.

The Robust Olive 

Pleasant Rdge West Shopping Center

Next to Vanness and Santo Coyote

11610 Pleasant Ridge Roead Ste. 108

Little Rock, AR 72223



Check it out and start shopping today!